Professional Referrals can now be made Online!

Please use the form accessible through the link at the foot of every page or by clicking HERE

Enter your details as the Referrer and include all information for the Individual you wish to refer as the Client on the 2nd and subsequent pages.

You may save and continue filling in the form at any time by clicking on the relevant link on each page. This will provide you with a URL to follow to resume your referral accessible for a period of 30 days.

Once you have finished your referral, clicking on submit will securely send the details you have inputted to our review team for consideration for counselling. You will be contacted shortly after your submission with an acknowledgement of your submission and status update. The individual you refer as a ‘Client’ may have to join a waiting list. You will be told if this is the case, the individual will be contacted by us directly, once contact and consent has been established you will no longer hear from us.